Learn WordPress for beginners Part 1

In this video I discuss getting started with WordPress from the perspective of someone coming from Blogger and Wix and other non-coding platforms.
If you’re thinking about starting a blog and getting started with WordPress, this video is for you. Everything that I’m going to say in this video does not represent the full capabilities of WordPress. This video is a summation of everything I wish I knew when I first got started with WordPress, and is a guide on what you should do next if you’ve decided that WordPress is the platform for you.
WordPress is incredibly powerful and flexible, but it’s easy to feel a bit lost as you’re building out your first blog or site. I’ve put together this 10 part series of videos that will walk you through the entire process of setting up a new blog site in WordPress. The series covers everything from installing WordPress for the first time, to beginner level WordPress tips and tricks. Everything is brought down to earth through specific step by step examples that show you exactly how things work, and when to use

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