How to kill stress during lockdown

Since the community transmission of COVID-19, Phnom Penh has been put in lockdown while the widespread is hitting Cambodia worriedly. During this time, we have to stay home for our safety and follow the government’s measures and guidelines. 

I believe it is a very tough time for those who are extroverts. In this article, I am sharing some tips that can help us kill stress during the lockdown.

1. Take online classes

 “Turning a problem into an opportunity” can help us stop worrying about stress because it is the time that you can upskill by taking online courses. There are a bunch of online courses that you can try. Search Google or go to these platforms- Udemy, Coursera, and many more.  

2. Choose positive content

On social media, there is a lot of content that you can enjoy during the lockdown; however, those contents can give you both positive and negative aspects. So, it is your option whether you opt into the former or latter. It is already a hard time that we are being restricted to travel; if you keep reading or watching the negative content, it surely makes us more stressed and sometimes cannot control our temper.

3. Doing Exercise

Doing exercise can help reduce stress naturally. Watch Youtube videos or Apps that you can find exercise videos and follow their guides. Doing Yoga is indeed great for those who have narrow space. Always do meditation to make you feel relax. Many resources are available online that you can take on for your exercise. 

3. Write books

It is a good time that you can use your skill by choosing a niche topic to write a book for online selling or publishing after the lockdown. 

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