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Essays are my favorite! I enjoy reading them, verifying them, and instructing my students on how to generate them, but most importantly, I enjoy writing them! You wish to inquire as to why. I hope you understand after reading my article. And I’m convinced that you, too, will fall in love with the wondrous world of essays. Let me begin a journey with a brief history. The term “essay” comes from the French word “essai,” which translates as “attempt, endeavor, sketch.” And this translation accurately conveys the substance of the assignment allocated to you at your college. Indeed, it is your personal attempt to provide a difficult sketch on an intriguing subject. 

Unlike other academic projects, an essay implies creative flexibility. Its primary advantage is that it may be written on any subject and in any style. An essay is your personal reflection on what you’ve heard, read, or experienced. The essay’s primary focus is on your personality, your thoughts, feelings, and life situation. You have a way to engage in a reasonable debate with other authors, as the teacher wants you to demonstrate your topic knowledge. However, you should keep in mind that regardless of the degree of flexibility in the writing process, it is not easy. Because you are expected to generate an original and compelling concept (even in a traditional context) and a unique perspective on a given subject.

The essay title does not have to be directly related to the essay topic; it can also serve as a jumping-off point for your contemplation; it can express the relationship between the whole and the parts. A free essay composition is subject to its own logic; it is an author’s focused position. The essay’s style is aphoristic, contradictory, and figurative. To effectively portray your personal perspective on the world, you should: use several illustrative instances, create comparisons, choose analogies, and make numerous associations. One of the essay’s distinguishing characteristics is its liberal use of a variety of expressive devices, such as metaphors, parable and allegoric figures, symbols, and parallels. You can enliven and add interest to your essay by including surprise conclusions, unexpected turning points, and unusual chains of events. The essay is a lively exchange of the author’s arguments, supporting evidence, and questions.

Be succinct, yet avoid extreme simplicity. Nobody enjoys reading a repetitive narrative. After completing your essay’s draft, read it aloud, yes, aloud. You will be astounded by the sheer volume of imprecise facts in your writing. You should eliminate them without hesitation. If you want to communicate something novel, unique, and unique, the essay genre is for you. Be imaginative, unleash your thoughts, and perhaps you will discover a great essayist within.

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