Top 10 Must-See Places in Baguio City, Philippines

Baguio City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is known for its cool climate, pine trees, and cultural heritage. If you are planning to visit this city, here are 10 must-see places that you should not miss.

Burnham Park:

This is the heart of the city, where you can enjoy various activities such as boating, biking, skating, and picnicking. You can also admire the colorful flowers and sculptures that adorn the park.

Mines View Park:

This is one of the best spots to get a panoramic view of the city and the nearby mountains. You can also buy souvenirs and snacks from the local vendors, or pose with a giant St. Bernard dog or a horse wearing a cowboy hat.

Camp John Hay:

This is a former American military base that has been converted into a leisure and recreation area. You can explore the historical landmarks, play golf, go zip-lining, or relax at the spa.

BenCab Museum:

This is a museum dedicated to the works of Benedicto Cabrera, a national artist of the Philippines. You can admire his paintings, sculptures, and other artworks that showcase his style and influences. You can also visit his personal collection of indigenous artifacts and crafts.

Tam-Awan Village:

This is a cultural village that showcases the traditional houses and lifestyles of the Cordillera people. You can learn about their history, customs, and beliefs, as well as watch cultural performances and workshops.

The Mansion:

This is the official summer residence of the Philippine president. You can see the elegant facade and the well-manicured gardens of this building, which was built in 1908 by the Americans.

Lourdes Grotto:

This is a religious site where you can climb 252 steps to reach a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes. You can light a candle, say a prayer, or drink from the spring water that is believed to have healing properties.

Baguio Cathedral:

This is one of the most iconic landmarks of the city, with its twin spires and rose-colored exterior. It was built in 1936 by Belgian missionaries and survived the bombings during World War II. It is also known as Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral.

Session Road:

This is the main thoroughfare of the city, where you can find various shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can stroll along this street and enjoy the lively atmosphere and the local cuisine.

Strawberry Farm:

This is a farm where you can pick your own strawberries and buy other strawberry products such as jam, wine, ice cream, and taho (a sweet snack made of tofu and syrup). You can also see how strawberries are grown and harvested.

These are just some of the must-see places in Baguio City that will make your trip memorable and enjoyable. Have fun exploring this city of pines!

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