Happiness for tomorrow starts today

It is important to begin working on your goal of happiness today rather than to wait for tomorrow to do so. For some people, waiting for happiness to arrive on its own turns out to be pointless, as happiness rarely shows up on its own. People who put in long hours in order to get a fortune to learn that affluence brings a whole new set of issues. Happiness is not something that can be measured in terms of bank account balance but instead is defined as a person’s state of mind. Happiness is not an emotion; it is an emotional state. It is up to each person to help make their own happiness.

I appreciate how Richard Bach, the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, stated it when he said, “If your pleasure is dependent on the actions of others, I think you have a problem.” I agree with him completely.

To obtain true happiness, it is necessary to comprehend where happiness originates. Just as a mirror reflects an image, memories present thoughts to the mind. Our memories reflect our emotions, whereas our reflections hold up to the physical. Your appearance is always an accurate reflection of who you are, while your self-image might change from moment to moment. One of the main differences between the two is that you are able to modify your appearance, but you are unable to change the recollections you have.

We put a lot of work into improving our outward appearance, but next to nothing into improving our inside reflection. Every action has the potential to create a memory. The individual who is furious and bitter now is likely to have been joyful and happy yesterday. When we become upset or angry, we may either contribute to our own emotional agony by inflicting additional suffering on ourselves or we can help ourselves by replacing our bad acts with positive ones.

You must choose your daily activities with care if you want to be happy tomorrow. The choices you make today will be visible in tomorrow’s memories, and you cannot change them. Every single action you take now will be noticed and recalled in the future. Instead of reacting in anger, consider taking control of the situation by putting up a mirror that reflects your behavior, thereby making the other person look at himself.

Regardless of whether or not we like what we see in the mirror, we all want to enjoy it. Happiness also includes having things to see in our brains. The mirror reflects our words and actions, not our true power.

Are you ready to see what your mind is in store for you? How will your recollections and reflections be made up of happy or bad emotions? What tasks or accomplishments have you completed today that will make you happy tomorrow?

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